About Us

Our mission is simple: To provide a comprehensive resource that enables college students and young adults to gain a better understanding of financial issues that will help them succeed in their careers and in life.

How We Started

College CFO’s roots go back to 2011 when Susan Bruno, a CPA and Financial Planner, founded ‘DivaCFO’ with her daughter, Stephanie. DivaCFO was a financial literacy initiative that focused on educating women. It didn’t take long before DivaCFO’s college interns spoke up about the importance of having personal financial skills in their own lives, especially as they were finishing their education and preparing to transition to financial independence. They inspired Susan to focus on addressing their needs, and in 2013 College CFO (CCFO) was born. As those early interns envisioned it, CCFO was created to be a fun platform to build greater financial awareness in college students about to enter the workforce. In 2014, we took a giant leap forward by partnering with iGrad, an award-winning financial education platform, to create a relevant online platform that includes a series of nine mini-courses that lead to earning the Financial Empowerment Badge.


What We Offer Students and Recent Graduates

At CCFO, we understand that college is really the first time that you can be independent and your own boss – but every boss needs a Chief Financial Officer. While you're keeping track of your social life and classes, your Chief Financial Officer needs to be looking out for your spending, savings, credit score and student loans. Earning the Financial Empowerment Badge, will give you the skills to manage both to achieve greater success in your life. 

Each of the mini-courses includes a pre-test, a comprehensive video tutorial, a hands-on financial calculator and a post-test, which indicates areas that you’ve mastered and allows you to continue learning in areas that need more attention. And since we know your social life is busy, you can take the 30 minute mini-courses on your schedule, in any order that you choose.

What We Offer to Employers and Job Seekers

CCFO believes that being knowledgeable about personal finances and landing a great job go hand-in-hand. Financial wellness is growing in importance for employers who understand that financially educated employees will be less distracted, less stressed and more productive. That’s another reason why we’ve created our Financial Empowerment Badge, which recognizes the mastery of key skills and your commitment to being more financially responsible. Employers recognize our badge on resumes and LinkedIn profiles as essential resume enhancements.

Who We Are 

The College CFO leadership team includes industry experts and young adults who are personally experiencing the financial issues as they launch their professional lives and careers. The team continues to involve interns who inspire and encourage us with their feedback to make the platform engaging. We constantly strive to keep our platform rich with content that is relevant and fun, while teaching the basic personal financial and career-focused topics with the support of our financial experts. See the team descriptions below for more information about us.

At this stage in your life, it's never too early to take control of your personal finances. 

Our Team

Susan Joy Bruno, Co-Founder and CEO

Susan is a CPA Financial Planner and is passionate about creating a social movement to improve financial literacy for college students that is engaging, relevant and fun. As CEO, Susan is working with the CCFO corporate team and college student ambassadors to make their offering both unique and disruptive to attract a community around the College CFO brand. Susan’s mission is to empower students to become their own Chief Financial Officer just as she has done with her own children!


David Milner, Assistant Marketing Director

David is a very influential member of this movement dedicated towards helping young college students start and hopefully maintain their financial future. By doing so they can have the necessary skills and knowledge to get started preparing for their successful careers with a strong handle on their personal financial responsibilities. David has a Bachelor’s in Communication from Florida Gulf Coast University as well as an Associate’s in Business Management. Being a recent college graduate himself, he knows what it’s like to experience issues saving, budgeting, and controlling the necessary financial assets that you need in order to successfully manage your daily life. As part of the College CFO team, David wants to seek out college students who also understand this difficulty and help them realize the importance of being able to grasp the tools and resources available to them so that they can become financially accountable for their own lives.

Monika von Brauchitsch, Lead Marketing Intern

Monika is currently a senior at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, where she is studying Media & Society and Writing & Rhetoric. As a college student, Monika understands the overwhelming feeling of finances, budgeting and saving. While working closely with the other members of the College CFO team, she sees the importance of learning about banking and financial planning. Monika is invested in journalism and communications, thus her speciality is all things media. She works on a weekly blogpost and newsletter for College CFO subscribers, as well as helps with their social media presence.


Other Interns

  • Kalesha Gumbs, Florida Gulf Coast University
  • Devon Preece, Florida Atlantic University
  • Carrie Uhlein, Hamilton College
  • Charlotte SchafferStanford University
  • Valentina PaniNorwalk Community College
  • Teng TuFairfield University
  • Rachel March, Pennsylvania State University
  • McKayla March, Temple University
  • Annie MaguireElon University
  • Ghislain LiganBaruch College
  • Sophie LaCava, Johns Hopkins University
  • Mia Capobianco, Johns Hopkins University
  • Shreya Patel, University of Connecticut
  • Callan Danielson, Fairfield University
  • Kevin Meng Pan, Boston University
  • Rachael Conti, University of Connecticut
  • Samantha Zeiss, Dartmouth College
  • Michael Rizzuto, Tulane University
  • Christopher Florio, St. John's University

Our Board of Advisors

  • David Tait, OBE, Founding Member of Virgin Atlantic Airways
  • Galia Gichon, Personal Finance Expert
  • Patrick Shouvlin, PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP, Retired Partner
  • Susan Hirschman, Investment and Wealth Management Expert
  • Janet Hanson, Immediate Past CEO and Founder of 85 Broads
  • Lisa Featherngill, Managing Director of Planning at Abbot Downing
  • Virginia Gambale, Founder and Managing Partner of Azimuth Partners, Inc.


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