Save Money Over Winter Break

IMAGE CREDIT: Ellie Lord via Unasplash

It’s almost winter break, meaning you'll be home, relaxing, away from your classes and hanging out with your friends and family. This also means you’ll have more time to spend money. Here are a few tips to keep your spending in check and maybe even make some money while you’re not in classes.

Find a job

Almost every retail store (and probably restaurants as well) will be looking for more hands to help out over the holidays. Before you head home for break, make a few calls to the local businesses in your area and see if you can line something up. This way, you’ll be making and saving up money for your holiday festivities as well as next semester’s expenses.

Sell some of your old belongings

During the holiday season you’ll probably be receiving a good amount of gifts from friends, family and coworkers. Check out your wardrobe as well as your old collections of personal belongings to see if there’s anything worth selling. You never know! There might be something you’ve completely forgotten about that someone else might be willing to pay a pretty penny for.

Free activities

While catching up with your friends and family during your time away from school, there are so many temptations to go out to eat, travel, shop and spend money. Before you make plans, check to see if there are any fun holiday festivals, free concerts, or outdoor activities you can do for free.

Be careful with your gift giving

When shopping and putting your holiday presents together for your loved ones, there are many ways to save yourself a few dollars. Look online for stores’ sales, plan a gift swap rather than buying everyone a present, make yourself a strict budget and don’t allow yourself to buy presents for yourself.

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