How Do I Save Money on Textbooks?

IMAGE CREDIT: pixabay.com via Pexels

Those pesky school supplies have turned into more than just neon book socks and cool erasers. We’re now expected to drop hundreds of dollars on books we won’t use more than three months out of our lives – and how is that fair? Here are a few ways to avoid dropping extra cash, and keeping your wallet close.

Avoid the Bookstore

Let me say it louder for the people in the back. AVOID THE BOOKSTORE! Amazon is your friend. Ebay is another good friend. Friends are also good friends. Look around and use the bookstore as your last, last resort. Schools typically jack up those prices because they know they’ll always get students to buy from there. So beat them at their own game, and go straight online.

Rent Books

This is the most obvious answer, but even experts can make mistakes, right? Always check to see if renting is cheaper than buying, which it typically is, and go for that option. That way, you won’t be stuck with a 500-page Chemistry book for the rest of your life either. 

Buy the Older Edition

Typically there is not much wrong with the book from a few years ago. Look to see if there’s a large price difference, and if so, go for it! Professors typically don’t care, and worst comes to worst, you’re pages might be a few off, but no biggie if you saved some big bucks!

Share with a Friend

Are you and one of your buddies enrolled in the same class? This is the perfect opportunity to go in on a textbook together – hey, that way you get a free study buddy too! Look into renting, so you won’t have to decide who keeps the book after the semester. If that’s not an option, split the book and resell it when the semester’s over, and split that cash too!

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