How Do I Avoid ATM Fees?

IMAGE CREDIT: unsplash.com via Pexels

ATM fees are honestly quite annoying – I mean come on! I need to withdrawal money from my own personal account, but I have to pay to do so? That doesn’t seem too fair… but we have a few ways to avoid this problem altogether.

Cash Back

Two words and two words only: CASH BACK! Let’s face it, we’re all in need of a $1 candy bar, or cough medicine, or new toothpaste (they, Mom would be proud!) The best trick in the bag is to look for a grocery store or big retailer because they more than likely will offer no-fee cash back with your purchase. Buy something useful (or just cheap) and when asked “credit” or “debit,” select “debit.” You’ll enter your pin number and BOOM! Cash just like that.

Digital Wallets

IMAGE CREDIT: Adrianna Calvo via Pexels

Us millennials know the deal with ApplePay, Venmo, Android Pay, etc. If you’re planning on going to a restaurant or business, search for it on Yelp or Foursquare and you can normally find out whether digital wallets are accepted. In this case, you avoid the cash situation altogether.

Your Bank's ATM

This might be the most obvious form of advice, but banks these days typically have an App you can download right to your phone with an “ATM Finder” option. Look for the closest ATM in your area and make the trek for some cash. No App? No problem – just Google it.

Switch Banks

As simple as that. Find a bank that won’t charge you every time you take out money, because no one deserves to be punished.

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